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    Want to sponsor your sports events? PATROZINIA is the platform that allows it.
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    Want to sponsor your sports events? PATROZINIA is the platform that allows it.
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You want to organize a sporting event? Do you lack funding for your event? Would you like to have for your sponsors sporting event?

If you have raised any or all of these questions, Patrozinia has the solution.

Patrozinia is a focused both sports clubs that organize events as all the companies and brands that are interested in sponsoring sports events taking place anywhere in the world platform.

If you are already registered in the Patrozinia platform, access the platform to manage your sporting events from here.

If you do not work with us and you thought about organizing a sporting event click here and sign up for free.

You only have to follow these steps and your event will be published in the shop Patrozinia:

  • 1. Enter your name and email and create a new account
  • 2 Activate your account in the link that we send to you by email
  • 3 Enter your username and password
  • 4. Fill in the required fields (CIF Club and Bank Certificate will be required to receive income from sponsorships)
  • 5 Upload the poster of your sporting event and add an attractive description both to win participants and to win sponsors

You have doubts? Check out our FAQ below

How I can I contact you?

You can contact through the following means

  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Mobile phone: + 34 622 057 410
  • Whatsapp: + 34 672 345 071

I do not have an event poster yet, what image do I upload?

Do not worry. While it is important that when you have the poster created the new image upload for now you can use previous years a representative picture of the event.

I can not find the product I want to extract, can I add it?

Our team of programmers will be responsible for adding the product on demand so that once created you can use it. Remember that once you receive the notice that the product is created you have to access the platform and use the new product.

I want to modify the event data How do I do it?

When you access the platform, you must first unpublish the event to make any changes and remember to save and publish again. Verify that your event has been successfully changed.

I want my event to appear in the local press, radio stations or other media. What can I do?

When you intend to promote your event through this type of media, do not hesitate to tell us and we will offer you some alternatives. What you have to take into account is to increase the added value of this promotion in your products.

The days are running out and I lack sponsors. What can I do?

We always recommend making an offer or discount the last day of the event to give the option to manufacturers who are hesitant to take the final step.

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